1、Nice to meet you. My name is *. You can call me *.

2、Being an English teacher is my dream, and for this, I have studied hard and set strict demands on myself. During my undergraduate and postgraduate period, not only did I obtained some certifications relevant to this job, but also participated in several social practices,inclduing interpreting and translating experience and teaching experiences. interpreting and translating experience lay solid foundation in my teaching activities. They improved my professional skills and perfected my communicating and collaborating abilities.

3、I love to be a teacher. Staying with students make me feel youth, passion and enthusiam. I am greatly delighted when my students make even slight progress. Wht’s more, I am confident that through my constant learning from the senior teachers I can also be an outstanding teacher.

4、I will play my strengths and overcome my shortcomings, endeavor to contribute to education for this school. So, please give me a chance and test me. Thank you!